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Pittsburgh, PA, USA | October 25, 2018 LegalSifter and Smorey Giger Law are proud to announce a strategic partnership to offer a “combined intelligence” solution for contract negotiation for small businesses in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Combining LegalSifter’s artificial intelligence (AI) with Smorey Giger Law’s legal expertise will allow clients to review contracts quickly and confidently at a fraction of the current cost. ► Read the full release


Mindful Massage and Bodywork LLC

When looking to set up an LLC for my small business I initially spoke with several attorneys. These interactions took place over the phone where they asked for some general information, gave me a quote then told me to contact them when I was ready. They were professional, but not personal.

As a small business owner, relationships are very meaningful to me. It is important that my needs are understood and that I trust the person giving me advice. Marcy is just that person. She took the time to sit down with me to learn about where my business is now and my vision for its future. She listened, asked questions and made sure that I was completely informed so I could make the best decisions possible. Thanks to Marcy my business has a solid legal foundation and is prepared for growth.

Marcy is highly informed, organized and professional while at the same time compassionate and understanding; just the right blend for a small business. Working with her was one of the best investments I have made.